Our Services

The Finance department serves as;

  1. The Center for managing all the finances of the University and is responsible for the following:
  • Together with the Planning & Development Department,the Department is the University Budget Secretariat to which all budget centers make their submissions for presentation to Council.  The Secretariat is comprised of Finance Department and .
  • To receive and consider proposals for the University’s Planning periods and the Annual Estimates of Income and Expenditure under such Heads as Council may consider appropriate.
  • To receive and consider the estimates of all proposals for the development of the University and to make recommendations to Council. 
  • To advise Council on proposals from Departments, Schools, Institutions, Faculties and Commercial Units and University Council Committees the financial implications of all proposals for:
    1. The establishment, organization and control of the different sections of the University 
    2. Measures of programmes proposed by Senate for development. 
    3. Offers of assistance, financial or otherwise, from outside the University and allocation of responsibility for the different sections of administration and the different branches of learning in the University.To advice Council on the expenditure needed for those activities for whose financing, Council is responsible. 
  • To control the banking and investment operations of Council and to make provision for the examination of all the bills and accounts, and for the discharge of liabilities incurred by the University.
  • To receive and consider all requests for authorization of expenditure more than the approved Annual Estimates and make recommendations thereon to Council.
  • To control all the expenditure of the University under approved Annual Estimates.
  • To initiate action on the plans for the future Capital Development of the University and to make recommendations thereon to Council. 
  • To advise council and its Committees on any matters relating to further development of the University plan. 
  • To prepare University Development plans for an approved period and submit to Council.
  • To consider and propose to Council fees and other rates. 
  • To keep under review approved development programmes and to ascertain that the objectives of the University are being achieved and to make recommendations thereon to Council. 
  • To prepare and keep up to date an accurate comprehensive inventory of University property(Council Min.848.0) 
  • To report to Council all matters related to Finance, Planning and Development. 
  • To consider and present to Council with appropriate recommendations;  Accounts of Income and Expenditure (Financial Statements) of the University prepared in the manner and form that Council might prescribe.
  • To exercise such powers as Council may from time to time delegate to it.
  • Any other functions delegated by Council.

Decentralized Services

The Department has decentralized its services to all Units of the University i.e Faculties/Schools/Institutes.  These Units have Accountants under Finance Department who provide financial services and give technical advice where necessary.