Financial Accountability & Reporting

Room 212B - Main Bulding

Activities in this Section
1. Budget monitoring report
2. Statement of revenue collected return (Monthly)
3. Statement of arrears of revenue returns (Monthly) 
4. Expenditure returns from incharge Payments/Accounts
5. Statement of Out standing commitments (Monthly)
6. Statement of cash and bank balances (Monthly) for all accounts
7. Statement of funds not accounted from accounts /payments
8. Statement of stores received, issued, balances and written off (Monthly)
9. Statement of stores and assets (Monthly)
10. Schedule of claims abondoned with authority
11. Consolidated financial statements stated above into:
      -  Trial Balance
      - Receipts and Expenditure
      - Balance Sheet
      - Accounts payable schedules
      - Accounts Receivable schedules
      - Budget variance report
      - Cash Flow Statement


Room 212B - Adminstration Block (Main Building)