Grants /Sponsored Projects

Room 316 - Main Bulding

Activities Carried out in this Section

  • Preparation of applications, especially advice on budget preparation 
  • Enters outcome details of the application (Letter of Award and Agreement) onto the research grants management database and maintains the details; 
  • Arranges for grant accounts to be opened and monitored;
  • Stewardship of projects Assets and Funds
  • Receipts and depository of Program Income  
  • Liaises with the key Offices of the university, more especially the VC’s, Graduate School, Faculties, Innovation @MAK, Leagal, Development office, HR and other MUK administrative services who may need to be consulted about conditions of awards; 
  • Liaising with External Auditors(Auditor General) 
  • Co-ordinates communication between Funding Agencies, Applicants and Awardees, especially on the financial position of the Grant;
  • Acts on behalf of the funding agencies and MUK researchers to ensure that projects are undertaken in accordance with the Grant conditions and University policies;
  • Preparing projects financial and management reports 
  • Initiate close out procedures, when notified by the project Director that the project is completed and the funds spent.
  • Acts on behalf of the funding agencies, MU and MU researchers to ensure that project’s implementation complies with the Grant conditions and University procedures and policies pertaining to:
    • Authorization of Transactions
    • Procurement
    • Expenditure management – monitoring performance against the plan
    • Controls and Auditing and;
    • Reporting;
    • Ensuring that Expenditure and Reporting are delivered in a clearly defined process