Fees Payment


There are two fees structures at Makerere University  namely; the undergraduate and the postgraduate fees structures.

(a)  Undergraduate Fees Structure

 Tuition Fees is charged per semester and  varies according to the course and  programme undertaken . e.g  Day, Evening or External.The rest of the fees with the  exception of identity card fee are paid annually.  For the   Academic year 2009/10, they stand as follows:                                                                                                                                   



1 Examination        100,000    150
2 Registration        100,000    100
3 Research          20,000    20
4 Identity Card        15,000    20
5 Library         20,000    20

Please refer to the detailed fees structure for undergraduate courses which can be obtained from the Admissions, Senate Building.


Fees for courses  offered at Makerere University  Business School(MUBS)  are paid at the Business   School 

(b) Postgraduate Fees Structure

 Like undergraduates, the tuition fees for all postgraduate courses vary  from one course to another.Tuition is paid per semester.  The other are payable per year, with the  exception of   
 identity card fees.  These include:

(i)  Masters Student                                                                                                                              

1 Examination         200,000              350
2 Registration         120,000              100
3 Identity Card           15,000                20
4 Administration         200,000              240
5 Library           20,000                20
        (ii)  Ph.D Students                                                                                                                                                 





1 Examination         300,000              500
2 Registration         120,000              100
3 Identity Card           15,000                20
4 Administration         200,000              240
5 Library           20,000                20



  University Accomodation is optional. 

        Ugandans pay  Shs.460,000 per  semester
        Non-Ugandans pay US$450 per semester

Postgraduate pay on Monthly basis

Accommodation facilities are also readily available from  Hostels around campus.  Detailed  information about the Postgraduate fees structure can be obtained from the  graduate school on Senate   Building. 


There are several modes of making payments to the University. These include; Direct cash deposits, use of Bank Drafts, payments by cheques,Electronic funds Transfer and money transfer instructions.

(a) Direct Cash Deposits

Parents/Guardians, Sponsors and the students are advised to pay fees either directly at any Stanbic Bank Branch on Account No.01400193245501

The University fees are deposited on the Account using the Pay-in-Slips provided by the University.

(b) Payment by Bank Drafts

A bank draft can be purchased from any bank of your choice, in favour of Makerere University Council and presented to our counter at the Revenue Office Main Building for the receipt.

(c) Payment by cheques

The University can only accept cheques from reputable organisations and government Ministries addressed to Makerere University Council. Personal cheques are not acceptable by the University(only Cheques verified and accepted by Office of the University Bursar) are received at the Revenue Office Main Building.

(d) Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT/TT)

Under this mode of payment, the money can be wired to the University account through any banking Agent worldwide. Details of the beneficiary are essential. The beneficiary must also come with a copy of the correspondence on the transaction for ease of reference.

(e) Money Transfer Order

A student who has a bank account in the same bank as the University Fees Collection Account may sign an order instructing the bank to transfer funds from his/her account to the University Fees Collection Account.

(i) Particulars of the student especially students number and break down
of the fees paid is very crucial information that should be indicated on
the Pay-in-Slip.

(ii) Financial Statements will be generated/issued showing the financial
position of the student as far as the University is concerned.

(iii) Payment of personal allowances via the University – The sponsors
must clearly indicate whether a student is entitled to any allowances on such transactions.
(iv) Students of Makerere University Business School;

Undergraduates: All payments are made at Makerere University
Business School

Postgraduates: Tuition is paid at Makerere University
Business School and the functional fees are
paid at Makerere University Main campus.

There are several modes of making payments to the  University.

1.    Direct  Cash DepositsThe student gets Makerere  University Cash Deposit slip from any Faculty (not from Bank), prepares the  payment and deposit the money in any Stanbic Bank Branch.  The account number can be availed on request.

2.  Payment by  use of Bank DraftsThis is a safe and convenient way of making payment  to the University.   A bank draft can be  purchased from any bank of your choice, in favor of Makerere University Council  presented to our counter and a receipt issued.

3.   Payments  by ChequesThe University can only accept cheques from  reputable organizations and government Ministries addressed to Makerere  University Council personal cheques are not acceptable by the University.

4.    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/TT)For this mode of payments money can be wired to the  University account through any banking Agent worldwide.  Quotation of the beneficiary is essential.


For all the first three modes of payments, a  breakdown must be clearly made on the payment slip or draft forms respectively.Students are advised to carry some money for their  own upkeep.  The quotations made here are  as for 2005/2006 Academic Year.
All undergraduate students studying at the business  school….


A student who has been permitted to withdrawal from the University shall be refunded the tuition fees already paid according to the following schedules

The time at which the student has withdrawn in the semester Percentage of Tuition fees already paid to be refunded to student
By the end of the first week of the Semester
By the  end of the second week  
By the end of  the third week of a semester          
By the end of the fourth week of the Semester  
By the end of the fifth week of a Semester
After the fifth week  

Fees for Application, Faculty requirements, Registration, Examination, Identity Cards and the Guild charges are only refunded if paid twice.
Summary guide lines for payments on projects coordinated by Planning and Development  I.e. NORAD AND CARNEGIE Institutional Development Programmes.In light of centralizing transactions on NORAD and CARNEGIE Programmes, we have the following summary guidelines

 1.   All requests must be addressed to the overall coordinator (NORAD or CARNEGIE)

  2.  Each request should indicate:
  •    The phase from which expenditure is to come.
  •    The budget line

 3.   A project vote monitoring form should be attached to each request to indicate programme,
  sub programme, item, budget line, funds available, expenditure and balance. Budgetary control and work plan must be followed.

4.    All transactions above shs two million (2,000,000) should have Contracts Committee
  5.    Units which spend in small moneys can get an advance of shs 2 million which will always
  be accounted for at the time of replenishment (But expenditures must have three

 6     All expenditures on the 2 million advance must be authorized by the coordinator of the

 7.   All advances for works if any must be accounted for with in two weeks after the activity
  has ended
  If the activity goes beyond 30th June, the balance of money on the activity must be banked and drawn again  after 1st July of the next financial year.

8.    Avery unit should have all assets registers giving date, description of asset, serial no, 
engraved no,  location, condition, cost, supplier.

9.    Store records must be in place for consumables. A record of what comes in and what goes out must be available for verification.

10.    All project vehicles should have mileage log books indicating, distance moved, Cost fuel, services and repair.
11.    All assets must be engraved and name of the development partner should be included.
12.    Travel abroad should have a report and a copy of the air ticket and boarding pass.
13.    All accountabilities for payments and advances for workshops, conferences should be accompanied by proceedings/report

Other requirements for Book keepers/Accountants of Projects

14.    All statutory deductions i.e Withholding tax of payments above Shs.1million, PAYE, should be deducted accordingly
15.    Copies  of letters/receipts  acknowledging receipt of funds should be available
16.    Filing of all documents must be proper and all vouchers must be filed according to cheque numbers and voucher numbers
All voucher attachments must be stamped ‘paid’.
  The date of the cheques must be included on the voucher
  The cheque numbers must be written on the voucher

17.    The date of the cheque must be the date posted in the cash book.
18.    All Bank Reconciliations must be done monthly and must indicate who has prepared and who has reviewed it.
19.    Each fund must have a separate Bank account unless you are on a new system under FINIS

    For further information, please contact:  Mr. Walter Odoch, 0712930130

  Last updated : 27 April 2010