Internally Generated Funds

Room 319 - Main Bulding

Activities carried out in this Section
1.Participate in preparing revenue budget
2. Provide printed bank pay in slips to all collection centres
3. Receipt revenue and reconcile to bank account
4. Supervise the collection of revenue at all collection centres
5. Record revenue in the appropriate books of account
6. Reconcile revenue collected to the faculties, departments and schools.
7. Generate student statements of account and attend to their queries
8. Investigate causes for suspense account and report to bursar
9. Check for uncredited cheques and establish action taken by management
10. Monitor performance of all collections by source(Actual Vs Budget)
11. Review the revenue collection systems and advise the Bursar.
12. Develop fundrising strategy and advise the Bursar
13. Prepare Revenue reports by 5th of the following month
1. Record opening balances in the books of account revenue according to Budget
2. Identify debtors and up date the debtors ledger with monthly debt balances
3. Categorise the debtors by ageing analysis.
4. Reconcile varience between budget and actual performance
5. Investigate the variences, and obtain explanations
6. Establish the action to be undertaken from management (Faculty etc)
7. Verify the accuracy of the schedules from the faculties, Schools etc
8. Establish the accounts pre-paid and generate a schedule
9. Invoke the debtors policy as and when necessary.
10. Prepare a consolidated Debtors schedule every 5th of the following month            

OFFICE No.319B