Accounting and Book Keeping


Activities Carried out in this Section

1. Coordinate and supervise preparation of the Budget
2. Receive and record revenue in the books of account
3. Process payments 
4. Coordinate and monitor budget performance
5. Write books of account and post the ledgers
6. Balance off the ledger accounts
7. Prepare Bank reconciliation Statements
8. File vourchers appropriately and ensure back - up
9. Prepare Supporting schedules to the financial statements
10. Prepare accounts Receivable and Accounts payable schedules
11. Extract the folowing financial reports by 5th of the following month:
       - Trial Balance
       - Bank Reconcilation statements
       - Receipts and Expenditure
       - Balance Sheet
       - Accounts payable schedules
       - Accounts Receivable schedules
       - Budget variance report
       - Stores report
Tangible Assets
1. Take inventory of all assets of the University
2. Establish location, condition and status of the assets regulary
3. Establish life time of the assets and check on the depreciation charge
4. Verify the values of the assets and compare with the status of the asset
5. Reconcile and up date acquisitions and disposals of the assets
6. Ensure that all assets are engraved with 'MUK' and coded
7. Open up and maintain Assets Register
8. Prepare monthly Assets status report by 5th of the following month
1. Take stock of the stores items, their condition and recommendations
2. Receive requisitions, process purchases and receive stocks
3. Record the stores items on the respective bin cards and monitor the issues
4. Record the balances of stock items and compare with the current/ mkt values
5. Prepare shortage/Damage/Obsolete/Obsolescence / Stock balance report
    every quota by 5th of the following moths.

OFFICE No.212B