Welcome to the Official website of Department of Finance, Makerere University.

The Finance Department , is one of the Departments that has progressively contributed to the development of the University in as far as Financial Management is concerned.

Today, financial management at all levels involves effective planning, control, communication and decision making to permit informed judgements and decisions by users of the information.

Makerere decentralized its Financial Management functions in 1994 and the Finance Department has continued to carry out financial management functions relevant to the expected changing needs of the University under the of managing finances at different Units (Faculty and Departmental levels).

The Departmentís achievements include among other things the:

o In place, there is an efficient and effective financial information system (FINIS), which has enabled effective financial recording, monitoring of transactions, reporting, Control and decision making
o Training and Continued Development of Staff

Itís successes have been as a result of the support from management, staff and collaboration with other Universities who are exemplars of best practice in the provision of financial services/Management. This has enabled Finance Department to identify specific approaches to excellency in the management of Finances aimed at supporting Training and Research - The Makerere University mission.